Imada Texture Analyzers

Imada Texture Analyzer

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FRTS Food Texture Analyzer/Tester

FRTS Capacity: 5.000N, 50.00N, 100.0N

FRTS performs a variety of food tests

  1. Two bite test (texture profile analysis)
  2. Compress a specific displacement
  3. Compress to a specific force value
  4. Compress to a specific sample height

Standard Features

  1. Touch screen operation programs force, displacement, speed and triggers
  2. Speed: 0.1mm – 10.0mm/sec
  3. USB output to flash drives or computer
  4. Easy to clean stainless steel
  5. USB cable, 50mm and 100mm shafts, disk, conical, sphere and wedge probes, and Force Recorder software included